The 'Facebook phone' has been through various names in recent months as the rumour mill cranks into overdrive, but the latest speculation indicates the mobile phone may actually be called now 'HTC First'.

There was an image leaked of a phone screen with 'htc first' written across it, with the first in a very similar font and colour to the social networking site by tech-savvy Twitter user @evleaks.

Most signs are pointing to the fact that this device could be Facebook's big announcement on Thursday, which it sent invites for last week.

However, The Verge has noticed that the 'htc', at least, is probably photoshopped over the front of the phone.  There is little to confirm that the image is a genuine HTC phone.

From specs leaked its likely the product will be a mid-range phone appealing to people with a smaller smartphone budget.

Nothing has been officially confirmed by HTC or Facebook as they are both probably waiting for Thursday, as they planned, to make whatever big announcement it is. It looks like users will have to wait until then to be sure what the collaborative device will look like.

Posted by Simon Thomas

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