Consumers who rate Facebook as the most important function on their phone may be wise to trade-in a mobile and upgrade to an Android device that runs SkyFire 3.0.

Asavin Wattanajantra, writing for CNET UK, says the web browser is particularly Facebook-friendly, with designers seemingly crafting the system in such a way as to support the social network perfectly.

“SkyFire 3.0 integrates the book directly into the browser’s Skybar, a toolbar powered by the cloud. This means the browser has a number of features which make it particularly well suited for Facebook addicts,” he explains.

It includes popular tools such as one that allows users to share with friends whatever they are finding funny at a particular moment.

There is also quick and simple access to all the standard parts of the portal.

Recent research by mobile network Three found Facebook to be the favourite function of mobile phones among those who have access to broadband internet on their handset.

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