Facebook is bringing its Chat Heads service to Apple's mobile phones and tablets. The companies will market the feature to work as it does with Android devices at the moment.

It allows Apple users to get an element of the Facebook Home system that is now available on some Android devices. People will be able to browse the website while chatting in the feature, which hovers over the top.

Apple are in talks with Facebook to try and create their own version of Home for the iOS, but at the moment users will have to be happy with Chat Heads and a few updates.

The upgrade also has a range of emoticon stickers that can be used inside the messaging interface, so if words fail you feelings can be transmitted with a cartoon expression.

Apple customers will also be able to see the new Facebook News Feed in another download that makes everything bigger.

Android users without Facebook Home can get Chat Heads in Messenger for Android.

Posted by Samantha Green

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