Britons who realise they are among the victims of a charging scheme implemented by several major phone companies could find the experience makes them desire a mobile trade-in.

Comparison site has found a number of providers charged customers the new VAT rate of 20 per cent for some calls and texts sent in December, even though it was not introduced by the government until January.

Now, the online portal is urging people to check their bills to see whether they have been caught out by this.

"This is lazy billing and customers are bearing the brunt of it while the tax man is rubbing his hands with glee," says Ernest Doku, communications expert at

Those who are fed up with the service provided by their network may use this as an incentive to trade-in their mobile and move to a different company.

One option is Three, which has been voted the UK's top provider of mobile broadband in the last two YouGov polls on the subject.

Posted by Simon Thomas

Written by Mazuma

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