An expert has predicted 3D technology could be a feature of the latest phones within the next seven years.

Dr Atanas Gotchev, scientific coordinator at MOBILE3DTV – a project which specialises in studying the feasibility of such systems for mobile use – said it was likely 3D would move into the mainstream quite quickly.

He said sometime between 2012 and 2015, consumers – including those recycling mobile phones – could be shopping for devices that are equipped to support 3D video content and gaming.

As an example of how quickly they could be rolled out, Dr Gotchev compared the speed with which picture messaging spread to the latest phones.

"In 2002, Nokia launched the 7650 model with integrated camera and suggested the corresponding MMS service – nowadays, camera phones are mainstream," he explained.

One area where 3D is rapidly becoming the norm is at the cinema.

This year alone films like Monsters Vs Aliens, Coraline and Bolt have been available in both standard and three-dimensional formats.

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