One of the latest phones to take on the touchscreen sector dominance of the Apple iPhone 3G has been put under the microscope by one reviewer.

According to an article for the Cnet technology news website, the Palm Pre has a number of good and bad points, although it concludes the handset is well-equipped to challenge its rivals.

One particular area where this is highlighted is the user experience in terms of interaction with the phone’s integrated software.

"Palm has developed a solid operating system that not only rivals the competition but also sets a new standard in the way smart phones handle tasks and manage information," the article states.

However, it is noted that the device is lacking in some areas – such as a full qwerty keyboard that is described as "cramped" and a battery life which is somewhat limited.

Also today (June 8th), eWeek Europe suggests any success the Pre enjoys may be short-lived if Apple announce a new iPhone soon as expected.

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