A new article has emerged offering a number of tips for those with an Apple iPhone 3G.

Trusted Reviews’ Niall Magennis states that there is a great deal to understand about the manufacturer’s now iconic handset and its accompanying operating system, but adds that there are some simple tricks to keep in mind.

He says that tapping and holding keyboard letters will allow for foreign characters to be used in notes and emails and taking a screenshot is as easy as pressing the home key with the standby button.

One “little-known” shortcut is skipping to the top of a webpage or contacts list by touching the top of the screen and saving images is done with a tap and hold on the picture in question.

“Fed up of the iPhone’s autolock kicking in too soon? No problem,” he continues.

“Just go to settings, select general and tap autolock. You can set the … delay to any duration up to five minutes, or alternatively turn it off completely.”

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