The importance of apps to mobile phone users has been summed up by one expert, who believes the tools are undoubtedly "here to stay".

Ian, writing a blog post for Nokia Conversations, explains the number and type of apps downloaded by a consumer can be used to make a number of judgments about an individual.

Indeed, he describes looking through a person's smartphone as the modern equivalent of browsing a bookshelf.

And Ian is backed up by professor Trevor Pinch, professor of science and technology studies at Cornell University, New York, who he quotes as stating: "Apps are becoming intrinsic to the way we live, our relationship with them has turned from just occasional use into a real reliance on them."

His words follow research into 5,000 mobile owners and their habits when it comes to apps.

One new app to hit the headlines recently was that launched by Priority Pass, which said its download helps travelers find lounges to relax in at airports around the world.

Posted by Samantha Green

Written by Mazuma

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