Mobile fans thinking of investing in a new Apple iPhone may wish to make the Eurosport app one of their first downloads upon getting their hands on the device.

Its popularity has been illustrated this week by it passing the three million mark in terms of downloads, reports Latest Gadgets.

The app now features a significant update on the original version, which the online portal suggests is a good one.

It states: "The new incarnation has been tweaked to improve performance – especially on loading – the hub of sports knowledge."

Sports fans can use the tool to find out the latest scores, read breaking news and track their team's standings in any particular league table.

Another highlight for users is the interactive zone, where supporters can chat with each other in a function that "reproduces the sports pub environment", in the words of the website.

A number of titles are currently fighting it out to become the Best Ever App, with popular game Angry Birds one of the shortlisted contenders.

Posted by Samantha Green

Written by Mazuma

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