Since the introduction of capped roaming prices, costs for SMS and voice usage of a handset in Europe have halved, it has been revealed.

The European Commission introduced the measures in 2007 and since then consumers have been able to take advantage of the benefit of lower costs for using their mobile while overseas.

The Tariff Consultancy (TCL) report noted that 90 per cent of European mobile operators have positioned their EU voice roaming tariff close to the cap.

"A main constraint on roaming usage is the lack of awareness by users. In our survey over the three-year period since 2007, it is striking how little unregulated roaming services pricing has declined," said Margrit Sessions, managing director of TCL.

Consumers who rely on their phone while abroad to communicate with people back home may want to consider getting money for their mobile and upgrade to a smartphone handset that could allow them easy internet and email access.

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