Businesses are recognising the benefits of supplying their staff with access to mobile phones, it has been asserted.

A new study conducted by Juniper research has highlighted the cost-efficiency and improvements in productivity being seen by employers who have given their staff wireless devices to work with.

Entitled Future Mobile Enterprise: Forecasts, Markets & Devices 2009-2014, the report estimates revenues generated from such users could grow to $284 billion (£195 billion) by 2014 because of this.

This could mean firms allowing their staff access to new technology will need to recycle mobilephones that are no longer required.

In other news this week, a spokesman for Constant Contact, which provides mobile marketing services to small businesses and non-profit groups, said advertising using portable devices was fine as long as it was done carefully.

Eric Groves, senior vice-president of global market development at the organisation, explained "the right balance" should be found between what companies need to promote and what users want to hear about.

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