Trading in a standard mobile phone and putting the cash towards an Apple iPad may be something that appeals to many consumers.

In particular, those who rely on emailing from their handset could be the most likely to snap up the revolutionary device, following improvements to its communication abilities.

The Google Mobile Blog notes bosses have moved to significantly enhance the experience of owners who use the iPad for electronic messaging through Gmail, with the size of the display panel significantly increased.

This means more text can be fitted on the screen, while the distractions around the edge that blighted previous versions of Gmail have been removed.

Other issues – such as difficulties scrolling through longer messages – have also been ironed out, according to the blog.

Meanwhile, those not convinced by the iPad could instead trade in their mobile and put the cash towards the iPhone 4, which Apple is due to release in the UK this week.

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Posted by Joanne Grimshaw

Written by Mazuma

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