An ATM which gives users money for unwanted mobile phones has been rolled out in the US.

The ecoATM scans a handset and has a 97.5 per cent accuracy rate determining which make and model it is.

The machine can also tell what condition the device is in, even being able to recognise a cracked screen.

The user is then offered a price and, if accepted, the mobile device is deposited in the machine to be recycled.

Recycling mobile phones benefits the environment hugely. Not only does it stop valuable and dwindling landfill space being taken up, but it also prevents potentially dangerous chemicals finding their way into soil.

Certain mobile phone components can be reused so that energy and resources are not required to manufacture new ones unnecessarily.

Metals and plastics that make up handsets can also be recovered and recycled in other products.

There are currently ecoATMs in 31 locations, all in the east of America.

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