Motorists are among the most common users of a Nokia mobile phone app in order to help them on their way.

Adam, author of the Nokia Conversations blog, details the results of a poll that aims to find out exactly how people benefit from the firm's Ovi Maps tool.

He reveals 36 per cent of respondents to the survey said they employ the feature as an aid when driving in order to navigate roads and motorways around the country.

This was followed by the 25 per cent of people who suggested their most regular use of Ovi Maps is when they are walking, while more than ten per cent noted the app is a way of checking the weather.

Some people who have trouble finding their way from A to B may choose to trade-in a mobile in order to splash out on a Nokia handset that includes the system.

The blog recently announced the results of a poll to find Nokia users' favourite feature, with the majority stating it was in fact Ovi Maps.

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