Does the iPhone X have the best screen ever?

The iPhone X has been released to much fanfare, and users have been excited to own a device with such high specifications. But how good is the handset, really? While we can’t speak for all of the new phone’s features, the display has been on the receiving end of a glowing review from an expert in the field.

DisplayMate Technologies is a firm specialising in advanced display calibration and optimisation, which regularly publishes reports on the quality of various smartphone screens. Fans have been eagerly awaiting the company’s review of the iPhone X, and it has finally arrived. So, how does it stand up?

Well, iPhone purchasers will be pleased to know that their money was well-spent, as the organisation has been incredibly positive about the phone’s display. In fact, Dr Raymond Soneira – DisplayMate’s president – said the iPhone X comes with “the most innovative and high performance smartphone display that we have ever tested”.

A large part of what has made the display so impressive is Apple’s switch from an LCD screen to an OLED model. The difference between the two is significant: LCD screens need to be backlit, whereas the pixels in an OLED display emit their own light.

This means the brightness of each individual part of the screen can be controlled, which isn’t possible with the LCD model. The end result of this technology is a much-improved picture.

For example, the contrast on an OLED screen is much better than with LCD technology, because the dark and black pixels can emit little or no light, making the difference between these colours and the bright areas so much more defined. An OLED screen also has a larger range of colours available, as well as a high dynamic range. The display is also more power-efficient.

The iPhone X’s OLED screen was actually made by Samsung, but DisplayMate was clear that the credit for the excellent display can’t just go to Apple’s rival. While Dr Soneira did make it clear that the hardware was extremely impressive, he emphasised the role Apple played in turning it into a truly exceptional display.

He said: “What makes the iPhone X the best smartphone display is the impressive Precision Display Calibration that Apple developed that transforms the OLED hardware into a superbly accurate, high-performance and gorgeous display.”

DisplayMate was impressed by the iPhone X in other areas too. The phone’s display is the brightest ever for an OLED smartphone when the whole screen is considered. Other devices can produce more brightness, but only for small portions of the display.

The iPhone X also has the highest absolute colour accuracy of any device that DisplayMate has ever tested, attesting to the high-quality image that the screen can produce.

Furthermore, all of the crisp, high-definition pictures can be viewed on an impressively large screen. DisplayMate was keen to point out that Apple had put all of this technology into a 5.85-inch screen, which covers the front of the phone, increasing the size of the display without making the phone itself any bigger.

The display ratio is 19.5:9, which is larger than the 16:9 that is standard on most TVs and other smartphones. It means the display is taller in portrait and wider in landscape; perfect for watching widescreen movies on your phone.

Dr Soneira said: “Based on our extensive lab tests and measurements the iPhone X becomes the best performing smartphone display that we have ever tested, earning DisplayMate’s highest ever A+ grade. The iPhone X is an impressive display with close to textbook perfect calibration and performance.”ADNFCR-2155-ID-801841927-ADNFCR

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