Consumers may not fully understand the value of recycling mobile phones, based on the following comments.

One of the main messages promoted about recycling is that it is good for the environment, noted a spokesperson for Waste Watch.

She explained the fact that it also has additional value is often an extra message, which at times can be more difficult to comprehend.

According to the representative, councils are trying to educate consumers about how to live more sustainable lives and people are beginning to realise what is being asked of them.

"It’s just a question that it’s made easy for them and they understand what they are being asked to do," she stated.

Friends of the Earth recently released figures that showed the UK is throwing away over £650 million annually by dumping waste that could save 19 million tonnes of greenhouse gases a year if recycled.

People who recycle mobilephones may find there are more than environmental benefits to doing so.

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