The best apps available to those with a BlackBerry mobile phone have been illustrated by one publication – and some people may consider them so great it is worth trading-in a current device in order to buy one of the handsets.

PC World magazine explains the top apps cover several areas, such as social networking, news and information and audio.

One of the features the article is keen to highlight is Monitor Spending, a tool that allows people to track exactly how much cash they are paying out.

There is also Know The Weather and news service Viigo to enjoy when using a BlackBerry.

And that is without even mentioning the brand’s social networking provision, which ranges from BlackBerry Messenger to Uber Twitter and the new SMS application Bubble Up.

The new BlackBerry Torch, due for release in the coming weeks, was recently praised by PC Mag writer Lance Ulanoff.

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Posted by Joanne Grimshaw 

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