Discount vouchers downloaded to people’s mobile phones are becoming a huge part of high street shopping.

Consumers are using them in department stores and restaurants to make their cash go further in these austere times.
According Nationwide, Brits have already saved billions using discount vouchers.

John Crossley, head of current accounts at Nationwide, said: “Four out of five people are now using vouchers.”

He added that three-quarters of people are happy to change their spending habits based on the discount vouchers available to them at any given time.

“These are difficult times, people are looking to save money wherever they can,” Mr Crossley said.

The financial expert concluded that people are saving substantial sums of cash using vouchers, with more than half (51 per cent) stating they had saved up to £100 in the last year.

Mobile phones are affecting shopping in other ways too, with Royal Bank of Scotland and NatWest customers now able to withdraw up to £100 from cash machines using their mobile devices.

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