Google Maps was released on the App Store on December 13th, and this may have sparked an increase in Apple iPhone iOS 6 adoption.

Owners who install the latest version of the American manufacturer's operating system should benefit from improvements to performance as well as additions like the Passbook app.

However, many people avoided doing so because pre-installed Google Maps was replaced with a much-criticised Apple navigation tool.

MoPub recorded a 29 per cent jump in the number of iOS 6 users in the five days after the Google app was once again made available.

This indicates that almost three-in-ten users delayed installing the latest software for almost three months while they awaited the re-release of Maps.

Apple iPhone owners can download the tool for free through iTunes, and take advantage of new features like Street View.

Drivers can also utilise turn-by-turn spoken directions when they are on the road, and use live traffic updates to avoid congestion.

Posted by Claire Marshall

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