People may not have to worry about their mobile phone running out of power in the future after researchers developed a way of charging batteries via a T-shirt.

Scientists at the University of South Carolina used ordinary cotton garments that were soaked in a fluoride solution and then baked at a high temperature in an oxygen-free oven.

This resulted in the clothing being able to hold an electrical charge, while still flexible enough and safe to wear.

Professor Xiaodong Li explained this has the same effect as a capacitor, which when stacked up would provide enough electricity to charge a phone.

T-shirts are not the only everyday items that have been turned into mobile phone chargers, as Vodafone recently demonstrated an umbrella that uses solar panels to charge a handset.

He said: "We wear fabric every day. One day our cotton T-shirts could have more functions; for example, a flexible energy storage device that could charge your cell phone or your iPad."

Posted by Claire Marshall

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