Apps are becoming increasingly important to phone users, in some cases even triggering the recycling of mobiles in order to switch to a newer device with superior features.

Indeed, Apple recently announced its revolutionary App Store had now experienced 15 billion downloads since it was set up three years ago.

The range of apps on the market is incredible, with everything from games and virtual toys to sports information and medical advice available.

Now, some people could be tempted to trade in their phone and invest in a Nokia, after Nokia Conversations detailed some of the apps the Finnish brand offers for dealing with the weather.

It recommended ForecaWeather, which is said to offer graphics detailing exactly where cloud cover is at a particular moment.

Meanwhile, WeatherBug is another recommended tool, with the blog describing it as a "favourite" for its ability to provide weather updates from various locations across the world. It also boasts a webcam.

Posted by Claire Marshall

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