Curved glass smartphones: Are you looking to upgrade?

The popularity of smartphones all over the world shows little sign of fading – and this trend has been driven by an enthusiasm for the innovative possibilities of the technology. 

Since the popularisation of the devices with the launch of the first iPhone back in 2007, people have been more and more keen to see what brand new features will be introduced with each successive generation. 

One major hardware development of recent times has been the curved display smartphone. The first handset of this type was the Samsung Galaxy Round, which was launched at the end of 2013. 

While these smartphones have yet to gain the levels of popularity enjoyed by tentpole releases such as the Samsung Galaxy series and Apple's perennially popular iPhone, they could yet be the future of the mobile market. 

Juno Cho, president and chief executive officer of the LG Electronics Mobile Communications Company, emphasised the fact that curved glass displays demonstrate the untapped potential of smartphones. 

Commenting on the launch of his firm's curved display offering, he said: “The G Flex2 shows the world that there's still room for design innovation in today's smartphones beyond just metal frames and larger displays. 

“We think the G Flex2 is the perfect example of form and function coming together beautifully. It's a smartphone that people simply won't be able to take their eyes off of.”

If you are considering making the leap to a curved display smartphone, you might want to give some thought to the advantages of the models.

Ergonomic handsets

A curved handset can be more comfortable in the hand than a conventional rectangular device. 

Think of the activities you would typically enjoy on a smartphone – playing a game, surfing the web, sending a text, or any of the thousands of other possibilities offered by apps. 

Look at the design of a landline phone or a controller for a games console – we know these fit in our hands better because of their curved shape. So why should we think of a smartphone any differently? 

Would voice calls be better?

Not only can you get a better grip on a curved phone – meaning dropping them shouldn't be as frequent an occurrence – but the quality of voice calls is also likely to be improved. 

Landline phones are curved so they can fit both your ear and mouth at the same time. Given that smartphones have been flat for so long, they typically use microphones that have a bit more distance in range. 

However, this means they are more prone to picking up environmental noise – so curved phones have the potential to nurture the development of better noise cancellation and isolation technologies.

Big screens could become easier to use

Tracing the development of phone trends can lead to some observations that might become peculiar in hindsight. 

Before the smartphone, a major trend for feature phones was for them to be smaller, so they could better fit in pockets and handbags. 

Smartphones offer a much broader range of uses, which is what is driving the current trend for the devices to be bigger. 

The problem with this is that our hands aren't going to get any bigger to adapt to this – and some people do find it difficult to use their mobile with just one hand. 

However, the bend of a curved screen can act as a corrective for this, as tapping those hard-to-reach corners won't be quite as difficult. 

Better for watching videos?

The curves on smartphone screens are very gentle, so there is little or no sense of distortion when consuming media designed for flat screens. 

Another advantage in terms of watching video clips is that the curve will reduce reflections, as well as offering greater privacy. 

The rise of curved TVs has shown that this can be a more immersive experience. A broader shift towards curved screens seems to be on the horizon – so embracing the trend could be a good option. ADNFCR-2155-ID-801818980-ADNFCR

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