People who leave the UK to head off on a travelling adventure might be wise to trade in their mobile phone before they leave and invest in the best-value device.

Natasha Stokes, editor of Mobile Choice, has spoken on the subject of the various deals that are available to those planning trips overseas.

She noted that it is not always better to snap up a pay-as-you-go offering, as monthly contracts can in fact be more affordable.

Bundles are typically on offer from mobile networks, giving consumers texts and data at a lower price than local roaming charges.

“If you’re travelling for a short time, it can probably work out cheaper to purchase one of these, but if you’re away for longer, it may make more sense to purchase a pay-as-you-go phone,” Ms Stokes explained.

Those who love access to mobile broadband might in future want to aim to snap up a mobile phone from Nokia Siemens, after the company this week outlined its intention to prioritise – and eventually specialise in – the provision of internet via handsets.

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