Selling a mobile phone and investing in one of the most hi-tech models available may be a safe move by those who require their handsets while driving.

Research in the US sponsored by the Distracted Driving Safety Alliance found 85 per cent of teenagers have been in a car with somebody who has been talking on a phone while at the wheel.

"These numbers are sobering, but it shows that educating both new and veteran drivers is an important part of ending distracted driving," said the organisation's executive director Kelli Emerick.

She added it is essential motorists learn to have a "positive relationship" with technology, such as mobiles.

This could mean investing in the newest models and using GPS systems and hands-free sets in order to improve safety levels.

ABI Research this week announced findings that concluded messaging services are one of the most important features of modern mobile phones to consumers.

Posted by Peter Robinson

Written by Mazuma

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