Mobile phone recycling could soon lead to an innovative new way to generate power, it has emerged.

Waste2Tricity, a company investigating the possibilities of using waste to create energy, has this week suggested investment in such schemes could have "significant environmental and cost benefits" for many businesses.

The organisation has proposed the creation of a £135 million plant that would be able to support the conversion of around 250,000 tonnes of rubbish into electricity on an annual basis.

Katy O’Rorke, a spokeswoman for Waste2Tricity, said such a move would not only represent "a switch from a focus on waste management to that of energy generation", but would also be a green and profitable enterprise.

The company uses plasma gasification technology combined with fuel cells to generate power with waste products.

A recent article for the Manchester Evening News suggested businesses be encouraged to adopt recycling schemes, including those for old mobile phones and computer equipment.

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