People who sell mobile phones in order to upgrade to a superior device may soon start considering Android models, after the operating system adds Intel chips to its software.

Leigh Geary, editor of, explained that the introduction of the chips could improve fortunes at the firm, which is falling behind its rivals.

Nokia's decision to stop working with Android platforms and instead move to Windows has hurt the company.

But it is not only the operating system that Mr Geary is looking forward to, there are specific models he is eagerly anticipating too.

"I'm particularly interested in the newer Samsung Tablets. Samsung has a very strong design team and their kit is beautifully crafted," he stated.

One handset picked out by the expert is the Samsung Galaxy S II, which has sold well and could act as a blueprint for the brand.

The Samsung Wave 578 was recently released by Orange and Barclaycard and offers users the chance to enjoy contactless payment.

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