Consumers who want to adopt a more sustainable way of living are being encouraged to recycle mobilephones.

To live a greener and happier life, the Guardian recently outlined ten changes people can try and achieve.

Among the ideas were changing diet to include more locally produced food, using less gas in the home, saving water and buying fewer clothes.

The newspaper also urged consumers to "go easy on the gadgets".

It explained mobile phones, computers and DVD players are a major source of carbon emissions.

"The simple rule is – buy less stuff, keep it longer, then ensure it is properly recycled," the publication asserted.

Meanwhile, Christina Frankel recently wrote an article for the Tracey Press, urging people to recycle mobile phones.

She said it was important to dispose of them in an environmentally-friendly way as this would help regions become less toxic.

As well as being kinder on the planet, recycling mobile phones could be a way of generating some money.

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