A number of consumers are not taking advantage of the benefits mobile phone recycling provides, a new study has revealed.

Conducted by analysts at GFK NoP, the research showed that around 48 per cent of people in the UK are leaving old handsets to sit unused in drawers and cupboards while ten per cent are throwing them away.

Instead, a spokesman for Mazuma has pointed out that these devices could be easily turned into cash to put towards a newer, more desirable model like the Apple iPhone 3G.

Charlo Carabott, managing director at the firm, commented: “By recycling unwanted mobile phones you can boost your bank account and help protect the environment by minimising your waste.”

He went on to say the Nokia N95 was now one of the most popular mobile phones being handed in as it could generate a cash value of £100 or be swapped for a £110 Argos Voucher.

Another mobile which could inspire some to consider mobile recycling is the Nokia N97, which is launched later this month.

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Written by Mazuma

Mazuma Mobile is the UK's most trusted mobile phone recycling service.

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