Trading in mobiles and upgrading to the latest smartphones may be one way to deal with rising stress levels.

According to the Daily Mail, the US' returning war heroes have been using apps to help in their battles against post-traumatic stress disorder.

Meg Krause, a staff seargent, told how she had initially been sceptical about the role smartphone apps could play in recovery but has now been won over.

She described the use of handsets and counselling tools as "phenomenal", adding that it surprised her and her friends.

Among the apps said to have been enjoyed by returning soldiers and officers is T2 MoodTracker, Breathe2Relax and PTSD Coach, all of which have been devised by the Pentago and Veterans Affairs Department, the newspaper noted.

Another use available to smartphone app users is financial assistance, with both TD Waterhouse and IFA Life revealing tools for handsets in recent days.

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