People who often find themselves in varying environments may have more reason than most to trade-in a mobile phone and switch to a Nokia handset.

Ian, author of the latest Nokia Conversations blog, explains the Finnish brand's developers have created a beta version of the Situations app.

This allows consumers to program their device to behave in a certain way depending on where it is being used.

For example, different settings can be deployed when a phone is being used in the workplace compared to when it is at home or in the car.

Ian adds the "real fun starts" when it comes to making new profiles – something that can be achieved from the app's home screen.

"If you were to set up a situation for night hours, you might set your phone into power-saving mode and switch off Bluetooth," he suggests.

Among the Nokia devices people may wish to upgrade to in order to try out the feature are the N8 and C7, both of which were released recently.

Written by Mazuma

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