People who trade-in a mobile and upgrade to a Nokia phone can take advantage of a special app that helps individuals improve their health.

Adam, writing for the Nokia Conversations blog, explains the Wellness Diary Beta app is new to Ovi Store but has already had quite an effect.

It can be used to help many mobile users stick to their new year’s resolution of getting fit.

“Wellness Diary Beta allows you to monitor your daily eating habits – giving you helpful tips on what to eat – and reminds you when it’s time to increase your fruit intake for the day,” the author states.

The app will also track anything the owner asks it to, with factors such as cigarettes smoked, sleep taken and weight changes all possible recordings.

Another piece for the online publication recently told how investing in a Nokia N8 can have significant technological benefits over other devices thanks to the model’s unique multimedia capabilities.

Posted by Peter Robinson

Written by Mazuma

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