People have been assured they should be able to sell a mobile phone and put the money towards a device that runs on the Nokia Windows Phone 7 operating system by the end of this year.

Richard Goodwin, features editor at Know Your Mobile, suggested the eagerly-anticipated platform will soon be available.

He noted that within the next 12 months, a total of 12 mobile phones using the system will be on the market.

“I personally think we’ll see one Windows Phone handset from Nokia this year before Christmas or just in time for Christmas and after, there should be an absolute flurry in the market,” Mr Goodwin speculated.

He also predicted that each of the models released using the platform will be a “big deal” and cause a stir in the market – which could persuade many people thinking of selling mobiles to wait for them.

Nokia has recently hit the headlines for its release of the hi-tech Nokia N9 device.

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