Consumers looking to recycle mobilephones for cash have been advised it is alsways a good idea to make sure their handset is free from personal data.

A new report from Credent Technologies says 35 per cent of people receive and send business emails with their device, while a further 77 per cent store various names and addresses.

It was also noted 17 per cent download corporate information – including documents and spreadsheets – and as many as 40 per cent use their mobile without any form of password protection.

Sean Towns, IT security specialist for Credant Technologies, said people were unaware leaving unprotected information on their portable devices puts them at risk.

"It is therefore imperative that all mobile phone users, even with the most basic handset, password protect them," he commented.

Businesses looking to upgrade their staff mobile phones may find recycling them to be a cost-effective move.

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Written by Mazuma

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