Consumers recycling mobile phones have been reminded that it is important to make sure you protect the personal data stored on handsets.

According to a spokesman for the Mobile Data Association, a non-profit group which counts various networks and manufacturers among its members, there are some simple techniques to look after your portable device.

Mike Hawkes, director of mobile security for the organisation, said mobile phones contain information that very often people do not realise could be used against them – therefore it is essential to keep on top of this.

"Keep it password protected," he advised. "There are codes that can restrict access, calendars that require a pin or password to look at."

According to the British Crime Survey, mobile phones are stolen in half of all UK robberies, meaning Mr Hawkes’ advice could be useful to those with the latest phones.

In addition, used mobile phones should also be checked before being traded in – as you would not want to be without important address book entries when your new device arrives.

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