This week LG announced the LG GD510 would be equipped with a solar panel – and now another firm has revealed plans to offer its own take on the technology.

It has emerged G24 Innovations will provide device users with a bag that incorporates such a system so they always have access to a renewable power source.

Those looking to recycle use mobile phones for environmental reasons may welcome the move, which is based on an existing product from Ecole Polytechnique Federale de Lausanne of Switzerland.

According to G24, the all-purpose carry all will be put together by Hong Kong-listed manufacturer Mascotte Holdings, using solar panels that are built in Cardiff, Wales.

Company chief executive John Hartnett told the South China Morning Post the range could also widen further down the line.

“In the future, our product will become smaller and it will change from being around the electronic device to on it and eventually inside it, displacing plastics, springs and coils associated with batteries,” he said.

The LG GD510’s similarly-enabled battery cover provides up to two minutes and 15 seconds of talk time after ten minutes in the sun.

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