It seems like not a week goes past without one mobile phone company challenging another on legal grounds and this week is no different.

Apple has made the headlines again as the US International Trade Commission (ITC) chucked out a patent battle filed by Google’s Motorola three years ago.

This specific disagreement concerned a “sensor controlled user interface for portable communication devices” but it was deemed invalid by the official board.

It means Apple is now free to import iPhones into the US that have sensors like the one that prevents calls being interrupted by touch commands. Although it is open for Google to appeal, which it probably will, as it already is with another patent.

Nokia has found itself in its own legal battle as it wanted to make microphone parts it invented and ensure they were exclusively supplied to them.

The company won the argument against HTC, who used the parts in the One device, which suffered delays because of manufacturing issues.

It is an on-going argument for the Finnish company, which said it wants HTC to “compete using its own innovations and to stop copying from Nokia”.

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