There are plenty of reasons for businesses to recycle old mobile phones as part of their environmental strategy, an industry expert has suggested.

Tom Dowdall, a Greenpeace international campaigner, said the benefits of reusing electronic equipment go way beyond green factors, as he noted there are also economic and commercial advantages to be enjoyed.

Indeed, "building the corporate brand" is cited as a major reason to go green by recycling.

"Being seen as a company that is engaging in best practices for the environment is often key to advancing a company's brand," Mr Dowdall stated.

Of course, there are also numerous ecological incentives to recycle electronics, such as the potential to reduce a carbon footprint and not exposing people to toxic chemicals.

Nicholas Rope, organiser of Internet Week Europe, this month suggested businesses must invest in the latest mobiles in order to allow staff to work on the go – an option that is becoming increasingly popular.

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