Sellers of used phones could aim to select a colourful model as its replacement, if the results of new research is accurate.

Nokia Conversations has revealed statistics taken from a recent poll organised by Cint, which found that many people around the world want more than a black handset.

It suggested that sticking only to black mobiles can be “quite boring”, but a range of shades can liven things up.

Nations such as China seem to be most in support of colourful phones, with 75 per cent of respondents in the Asian country stating they feel positively about numerous tones.

Singapore and Italy were two other locations where users backed the idea of different colours for various handsets.

It may be important for consumers to team their chosen tone with a model and design they feel it matches.

Nokia recently added new colours to its N8 range, with shades such as blue, silver and pink all available.

Posted by Claire Marshall

Written by Mazuma

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