Consumers recycling mobile phones have been given an extra opportunity to take advantage of free phone calls.

According to 3 Mobile, the inclusion of Skype to Skype calling helped make the S2 a very popular purchase when it was launched in September 2008 – so much so that the network was quickly out of stock.

However, it claims that the handset is now once more available for those who wish to enjoy the benefits of completely charge-free contact with other Skype users.

3 Mobile goes on to say the Skypephone S2 is a “sleek, clever little phone” that can be picked up as part of its pay-as-you go offering for £69.99.

In March this year, the network pointed out that although companies like Apple were now offering Skype with their phones, it was clear manufacturers were “still playing catch up” with its own offerings.

In other news, 3 Mobile announced a new partnership with Channel 4 this week to sponsor a number of comedy TV shows.

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