People who are planning to recycle an old mobile phone should take a number of steps before they send the gadget away, according to the editor of CNet.

First, wrote Brian Cooley, consumers should make sure they have backed up lists of any contacts they wish to keep, removed any files or photos they want to transfer to a new handset and make sure their wireless service has been transferred to a new provider.

Then, they should make sure that they completely erase all personal data from their phone. This is usually done by pressing a designated button sequence or choosing the wipe option from the phone’s menu and will permanently delete all personal information – including call history, contact details and text messages.

Christmas is a popular time for people to upgrade their handsets, he commented, adding that when this happens, it is better to send the mobile away to be recycled than to see it end up in a landfill.

Last week Gerrard Fisher, a spokesman for Recycle Now, commented that with people in the UK expected to spend over £7 billion on gadgets such as mobiles over the Christmas period, it is important that they are aware of their recycling options.

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