Mobile phone users who prioritise the internet service offered by their device, whether it is to download music, video, or simply browse the web, may be wise to sign up to a deal with the network Three.

That is because it has recently been voted as the best provider of mobile broadband in the UK.

To celebrate the news, the company has offered customers an illustration of how far its service exceeds those provided by rival firms.

For example, when it comes to watching videos, Three’s £15 monthly tariff will enable consumers to sit through the Lord of the Rings trilogy 3.7 times, whereas O2’s £15 offering would not even get to the end of the first run through the movies.

Meanwhile, Three says the mobile broadband it provides allows people to send and receive 3,413 emails a day, compare to 682 with O2.

And the network also offers enough data to store the English dictionary almost six times over, whereas its competitor lags behind with just 1.19 times.

Three won a YouGov poll earlier this summer, with respondents naming it the best in 10 of 12 mobile broadband categories.

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