Sony Ericsson is to change its focus to providing some of the industry’s highest-quality mobile phones and telecommunications products.

Market analyst firm iSuppli suggests the company has decided to concentrate its efforts on manufacturing high-end devices.

This follows figures that show its smartphone shipments increased significantly in the second quarter of the year, despite its overall ranking dropping.

The rise of smartphones has forced the price of other mobiles down, as the latest models are high in demand.

As such, the organisation notes it may be a wise move for Sony Ericsson to switch its attention to the top end of the market.

It is thought the change in focus has already started, with smartphones accounting for 13.6 per cent of the company’s shipments in the three-month period, more than double their portion of its business in 2009.

Damien McFerran, writing for CNET UK, recently identified the Sony Ericsson Cedar as a mobile phone with good functionality and an attractive design.

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