Parents who want to buy a new mobile phone for a child’s birthday or as a special gift may decide to trade in their old handset for cash to ensure old devices are disposed of safely.

A new study by YouGov, commissioned by HSBC and the Personal Finance Education Group, found that many children see their mobile phone as an essential possession.

Indeed, mums and dads who agree that such technology can play a positive role in their loved ones’ lives, either for education or security, may decide to purchase a handset with easily-accessible internet.

The poll discovered that while books and necessities were seen as important education tools, 34 per cent of children thought their mobile phones were essential.

Mums and dads who also want to teach their offspring about the importance of being environmentally friendly may decide to show them how they can sell old mobilephones to companies like Mazuma, which can then ensure handsets are safely and legally disposed of.

Trade-in your old mobile phone for cash

Posted by Joanne Grimshaw

Written by Mazuma

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