Children ‘clueless’ about phone history

Tech-savvy youngsters are not so clued up on the history of the telephone, a new survey by BT has found.

It noted that while they may have access to a smartphone from an early age, children between the ages of 7-11 are somewhat clueless about the origins of their device.

A whopping 40 per cent said that they had no idea who Alexander Graham Bell was – a simple Google search would reveal that he invented the first telephone.

The Scottish-born scientist, engineer and inventor was awarded a patent for the telephone back in 1876, although funnily enough he wasn’t a big fan.

Who knows then what he would of made of the fact that his creation would go from being a static, non-moveable object to a mobile one.

The poll by BT also revealed that this age group are of the opinion that the internet is a lot older than it actually is – 16 per cent of respondents thought as much.

A massive 44 per cent said they couldn’t tell you what a telegram is, while a third would not be able to recognise a telephone from the 19th century for what it is.

While their historical knowledge is somewhat lacking, their understanding and vision for the future of technology is a lot more inspiring.

Researchers found, for example, that 20 per cent of children believe that laptops will no longer exist as they do within a decade.

A total of 35 per cent anticipate that computers will become more powerful and robotic, so much so that these machines will be capable of tidying bedrooms.

“The children we have spoken to have some amazing ideas for the next generation of communications technology,” commented Sandeep Raithatha, head of innovation at BT.

“If their predictions are correct we could see a huge change in the way we live and interact within the next few decades. However, it is surprising that the digital age has led to a knowledge gap, with the innovators of tomorrow having less understanding of where today’s developments have originated.”ADNFCR-2155-ID-801790304-ADNFCR

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