There is no doubt about it, smartphones have changed the world of photography. From the constant updates of camera stats and features, to the newest in creative and quirky apps that you can easily download, anyone can produce stunning images for the world to see.

While an app may not automatically turn you into the next Annie Leibovitz, there is no doubt that you will have hours of fun trying – and who knows? Maybe you will create an image worthy of Ms Leibovitz’s status.


Ok, it is the most obvious choice, but we couldn’t possibly talk about smartphone apps without mentioning Instagram. Available on Android and iOS devices, Instagram allows you to turn the most mundane images into pieces of art using its wide variety of filters.

Users can share their photos and videos instantly through a variety of other social media platforms also, such as Facebook and Twitter, and through its use of ‘hashtagging’, makes specific images easier to share to a wider audience throughout the globe.


With 59 filters, 66 natural textures, 128 frames, Afterlight is available on iOS, Android and WP8, and offers easy-to-use and innovative editing.

Test out its ‘clarify’ tool to equalise an image’s exposure, use a 35mm light leak to create an organic, natural-looking image, or add a fun frame. Afterlight is all about using high-quality features to produce beautiful, unique images.


Channel your inner Andy Warhol with this fun and very, very colourful app. Popkick goes further than the usual filter by using rich colours and effects to turn photos into Pop Art-esque pictures. There are 12 filters in total, along with five filter enhancements.

Popkick also offers a fun library of templates to help encourage anyone who is suffering from a creative block and is in need of a little inspiration. Just make sure to upload your final pieces onto a social network so others can experience your unique pictures.

Handy Photo

Perfect for those who have a passion for photo editing, Handy Photo allows the user to correct and enhance photos from all angles, resulting in some truly beautiful works of art.

It is even possible to move objects from photo to photo with the ‘Move Me’ tool, meaning that you can actually create images that you wouldn’t have been able to capture in real life. The user can also make tonal and colour adjustments, as well as being able to retouch their images with ease.

Average Camera Pro

For budding photographers wanting to get some practice in using long exposure and night exposures, Average Camera Pro is a must. Available on the iPhone, the app automatically takes multiple pictures, and calculates the average picture out of these to normalise the result, of which the lightest pixel becomes white.

Due to the app’s long exposure time, it’s best practice to lean your iPhone against something to achieve sharp results, rather than holding it in your hands. Because Average Camera Pro is a little bit more complex to use than other apps, it’s a great one for those who perhaps want to venture further into the field of photography.

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