The Carphone Warehouse has launched a Mobile Memories application on its Facebook page, inviting users to remember devices of the past.

Social network members can find the mobile phones they used to own and make a personal timeline.

One which may feature on many people's lists is the Nokia 3310, which was extremely popular back when it went on sale in 2000.

People can leave comments about the mobile phones – some have even claimed the Finnish device, which helped to popularise the Snake game, was the best mobile phone they ever owned.

The oldest gadget listed is the BT Ivory, which was made by Hitachi back in 1989. In the early days, we can see devices with aerials. Flip and slide handsets then start to dominate towards the early noughties.

Once we get towards the present day, touchscreen gadgets without physical keyboards, like the Apple iPhone, become prominent.

People who have old mobile phones hanging around in their drawers could make cash and aid the environment by recycling.

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