Consumers searching for a unique reason to sell a mobile phone and switch to the Apple iPad may find no greater factor than the use of the device at a zoo in Milwaukee, US.

According to the BBC, the technology of the signature Apple tablet is great enough to allow orang-utans at the facility to communicate with each other.

It noted the animals could soon be video-calling each other from their cages at Milwaukee County Zoo.

Richard Zimmerman, a conservationist from Orangutan Outreach, said the idea came about when the iPad was first launched by Apple's late figurehead Steve Jobs.

"Independently, one of our supporters in Milwaukee was at the zoo showing the orangutan his iPad, and they were fascinated by it. We started to put things together," he explained.

The orang-utans have been playing with the tablet since it was introduced to them in May.

A new iPad could soon be available to the creatures, with DigiTimes this month suggesting up to 9.8 million units of the next generation of the range will be produced in the first three months of 2012.

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