Mobile phone users may wish to consider upgrading in order to access Facebook on the move.

Selling an old mobile phone for cash with Mazuma might be one way that consumers can purchase a new handset.

Data received by Mashable from comScore revealed the social networking site has 41 per cent of the market for social media traffic.

Major traffic growth through last year and the beginning of this year was also shown by the site and YouTube.

Tim Gibbon, co-founder and editor of the Social Media Portal, said: "As Facebook grows and meets its critical mass it certainly does have potential to challenge other social networks whether they are popular, or niche."

He added that trends may see the market change but 41 per cent is a large majority.

Those who would like to keep in contact with the status updates of their friends and family while on the move might wish to buy to a new phone with access to the internet.

Recycle your old mobile phone to cash

Posted by Ryan White

Written by Mazuma

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