New plans from Ofcom intend to make it illegal for companies who utilise freephone numbers to charge mobile phone users.

Despite 0800 numbers being free from landline phones, some companies and networks still charge people who ring up using a mobile device.

It is expected the legislation will come into place from 2014 or 2015 if the plans are approved by stakeholders.

Ofcom also plans to clear up public confusion with varying costs of national 08 and 09 numbers from non-BT landlines and mobiles.

Under the proposed new system there would be a fixed access fee of around 4-5p, which would go to the phone company. After the caller will be told a price per minute charge with the money going to the company that provides the service like directory inquiries.

An Ofcom spokesperson told the BBC: "It's confusing. No one can be sure what these numbers are costing. We want greater transparency."

The move does beg the question of how much people will actually use their landlines now with smartphones getting better and better will anyone use their home phones?

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