People who work in business or run their own firm could find that an iPhone – perhaps paid for by selling used mobiles – is a wise purchase.

Peter O’Grady, service director for WebFOCUS product marketing at Information Builders, explained new technology is now available to those with the revolutionary handset.

Mobile Faves allows workers to facilitate content management in a variety of ways via the newest tools.

The app works by offering access to a variety of files, such as the Active Technology documents.

Mr Grady described it as a “dedicated application for the Apple devices that allows users to access various types of content including real-time content, offline content [and] emailed content”.

The good news for individuals not necessarily set on investing in a smartphone is that Mobile Faves also works on the ipad, Apple’s popular tablet device.

Earlier this week, the Telegraph speculated that the eagerly-anticipated iPhone 5 will hit the shelves in September.

Posted by Claire Marshall

Written by Mazuma

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